Learning To Learn in a Network

As we’re starting on a “curation” project, and as I also nudge people to “think out loud” in their blogs,  it’s clear that this idea of learning  within an ongoing [digital] conversation, rather than learn-as-reading- published-texts, alone in a quiet room,  is something that we can/should try to keep talking about.

I’m editing a special issue of the journal Excellence and Equity in Education.   The theme is “New Literacies, Access, and Digital Divides”.   One of the manuscripts I am reading today quotes Adrian Mills (2007).   He writes of network literacy as the ability to “participate as a peer within the emerging learning networks that are now the product of the internet”.

Network literacy means linking to what other people have written and inviting comments from others, it means understanding a kind of writing that is  a social, collaborative, process rather than an act of an individual in solitary.  It means learning how to write with an awareness that anyone could read it: your mother, a future employer, or the person whose work you’re writing about.   Yes.  It’s difficult.

Yes.   Most really good learning is difficult.

And so many teachers are taking on those challenges and sharing so generously via their networked writing.

And I’m glad for that.

Mills, A. (2007).  Network literacy: The new path to knowledge.  Screen Education, Autumn 45, pp 24-30.

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