Why Am I /Are We Doing This Work in Digital Media?

After some push back in class this week, I’ve been doing so much thinking about the “why” of learning about digital media and learning, because for me, knowing the “why” is absolutely necessary before even beginning to think about the “how”. I’ve always written to organize thoughts and to learn, so decided to do that here.

In an email exchange with a wise and thoughtful student this week, I wrote,

 I am enthusiastic about this work, and that’s based pretty much entirely on the many studies we have on   the ways that kids now learn outside of school using digital opportunities and the big disconnects that they therefore feel in school.  It’s grounded in a sense of social justice when we know that kids in homes in which parents use technology are learning to create and connect in pretty important ways, while lower income kids are mainly being tested on computers but otherwise are learning little about how they might use this new digital world  to enrich their lives and that of their community.  There is also a really rich literature on teachers’ learning from each other via networks they form and the difference that makes in the kinds of learning that kids can access. 

I’m grateful for the times when pushback in my courses pushes me to step back to think more about the “why”.   I’m not sure I’d otherwise have tried to sum all of these things up in one paragraph.


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