Digital Storytelling Sans Angst

For those daunted by example stories of family pain or otherwise distinctive experiences, here’s a lovely, creative digital story of every day life.





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2 responses to “Digital Storytelling Sans Angst

  1. Good to see how a digital story can exist without angst….

    Question: According to what you told us, this would use far too many images right? What are the positives and negatives of using too many pictures? I am guessing like a lot of things there are no right or wrong ways to do a digital story – but more what is most impactful or less impactful?

    • As with any medium, there are different ways to convey meaning and to communicate. There are no right or wrong ways to write novels but within that range some work much better than others. So this story breaks the rules on purpose to convey what his mornings are like. Does it work for you? Would this many images work in other stories?

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