Taking It For Granted

One of my favorite education bloggers, Chris Lehman, principal of the amazing project based Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, has said that “technology in schools needs to be like oxygen: ubiquitous, necessary, and invisible.

I know that the students I work with sometimes feel pushed to learn the next thing I’m nudging them to learn, and it can feel overwhelming, at least at first.

Two things happened that make me smile.

Yesterday, when I was setting up the e-podium, I saw that someone had set up  new page on their wiki where they are all linking to share their unit plans that they’re just finishing.

And in a phone call just now, a colleague said that as they were puzzling in her class about a problem they had to solve, they took about five seconds to come up with a digital solution and she was impressed and how seamlessly a part of their thinking it was.

Like oxygen.  Ubiquitous, necessary, and invisible.

And teachers and learners always ready to take the next deep breath.

So I’m curious:  What do we take for granted now in our shared digital work that would have been unthinkable five years ago?



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2 responses to “Taking It For Granted

  1. Glad to hear I made you smile after all of the questions I have thrown at you the last few days! On a side note, I love your photo above — Italy?

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